Application Development

Application Development

Application Development

Innovate through Athena’s enterprise-grade integrations

Rapid innovation provides a competitive advantage. We ease application development with agile delivery methods, focusing on faster development to keep up client’s technology at pace and to maintain customers’ user-friendly experience.

Limitless magnitude of components and data

We reuse application components, APIs and more among prototypes to speed up deployment. Our architecture help clients to move between platforms and also to run hybrid deployments.

Boost your business with our enhanced application development services

Our comprehensive application development services portfolio incorporates best practices in global delivery and quality enabled processes. Our flexible engagement models will extend the capabilities of organization's tech-teams and reduce total ownership costs.

We guide our clients with adaptable and effective strategy implementations to meet significant business objectives such as:

  • Achieve greater business value with object-oriented application development practices
  • Consistent delivery, automation, application integration and SMAC
  • Greater reach and accessibility

We believe in delivering exceptional experience to users despite of the medium. We suffice enterprises to build seamless web, mobile and ecommerce applications using agile approach.
Application Development

Web Development

Compete in the digital-first world with our web development services. We provide futuristic services on-demand, to ensure our clients spearhead the technology revolution.

  • Dynamic web development: Build modernized web applications using either cloud based web development tools or open-source server-side web application frameworks.
  • CMS development: We deliver our clients a dedicated platform to build a constructive CMS, which brings better usability and captivate users.
Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Stay updated with our dynamic path-breaking mobile applications in the emerging world of mobile technologies. We empower enterprises with innovative technologies to increase business productivity, application efficiency and overall user experience.

  • IOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Cross Platform Based Application
E-commerce and Portals

E-commerce and Portals

Our rich e-commerce web and mobile applications transform enterprises through enhanced visibility with the power of the internet. We provide all-inclusive industry standard e-commerce solutions along with customization and integrations which confirm notable return on web portal investment.

  • E-commerce Portal: Our e-commerce portal services provide exhaustive solutions that are tailored to suit client’s requirement.
  • Hybrid Application: Our hybrid app development approach is dynamic, feature-packed, scalable, secured and flexible to complement numerous domains
  • Re-Engineering: Our sure-fire re-engineering service evaluates clients' investment through attentive assessment with tool-based reverse / forward engineering approach.
Product Engineering

Product Engineering:

Get more adaptable and responsive to the challenges with our progressive product engineering solutions. Our international delivery model provides customer engagement blueprint to boost productivity and reduce TCO.

  • Enterprise Platforms: We simplify the complexity associated with integration of advanced models such as cloud or SaaS.
  • Consumer Solutions: We collaborate with retailers, media and executors to reach client customer base through our next-gen solutions.
  • Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC): Simplify business operations by eliminating the necessity of endpoint technologies with our SDDC.
  • Industrial Services: Monitor, control and automate business operations with our industrial services, which are scalable and customer-oriented.
Agile software development

Agile software development

Expedite business process to forefront utilizing our Agile Software Development Model. Our cross-functional and collaborative software development services focus on measurable delivery, emphasising on efficiency and minimizing defects.

  • Sprint cycles: We follow shorter sprint cycles to deliver greater value to enterprises
  • Review meetings: Feedback is attained through frequent sprint review meetings
  • Delivery lifecycle: We assist enterprises to outperform through continuous improvement and constant involvement in the project development lifecycle

DevOps consultation

Take your development capabilities to the next gen with our DevOps consulting services. Integrate development and operations ensuring continuous delivery, further innovation, enhanced security, and reduce deployment risk.

  • Evaluation: We evaluate application ecosystem to choose appropriate DevOps tools for integrations to implement continuous delivery.
  • Deployment: We help enterprises transform DevOps team to improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintenance: We help companies manage DevOps transformation, improving speed and quality of SDLC.