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With our competence in Artificial Intelligence, explore creative ways to advance your business. Our AI tools are designed to improve business generation and to provide better market insights using pattern recognition in data.

Why AI

Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption. AI integration to business operations creates more efficient systems. AI provides relevant insights, enabling efficiencies to drive business strategy. It also helps corporations to make better and more real-time decisions.

Why It Matters

The biggest challenge faced by enterprises is over coming adoption hurdles and achieving non-linear growth in speed, scale and agility. Adapting AI provides seamlessly driven collaborative ecosystem to overcome those challenges throughout the digital journey. AI boosts accuracy of insights, engaging client’s customers and employees.

Future with AI

AI solutions will prove themselves through business applications deployed on cloud or on-premise. In the future, companies will transform into self-learning enterprises. The use of AI will not be limited to data and enterprise development but it will be leveraged to predict success rates for human relationships.

AI Capabilities

What We Do

We are an outstanding artificial intelligence and cognitive machine learning company. Our visionary team supports enterprises with thoughtful views on AI's potential. We aim to guide CXOs in understanding enterprise AI, crafting an early adoption strategy accordingly and integrating practical AI applications.

We help clients asses use cases and conduct due diligence there by generating high value from AI.
We help them achieve this by -

  • Identifying right business problems
  • Specifying success criteria
  • Evaluating right platforms
  • Implementing rollout and adoption
  • Modifying management

We have proven experience in building conversational AI or virtual assistant based solutions. From science to solutions, our conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has been developed to serve customers and employees better.

Our Chatbot sits among you, your team and your customers to answer complex questions, execute solutions and deliver the right outcomes. Based on real-world experience and industry expertise, we build Chatbots that communicate in client’s choice of language and understands the business.

Our Chatbot is smart and capable of transferring the conversation to a human agent in real-time.

Expert Services

Our AI services extend far beyond the range of effective artificial intelligence solutions so as to help enterprises become agile and smart. We deliver cost-effective AI services for natural language processing, text-to-speech, machine learning, knowledge virtualization, and more.

Humanizing AI

We have built one of the most advanced and powerful distributed AI platform to augment business solutions that disrupt the major industries. We offer a versatile AI matrix structure that broadens client’s applications with intelligent voice and text-based conversational interfaces. Three areas where we have significant expertise are:

Our deep learning technology which is inquisitive, analyzes image-led interactions, so as to clearly understand a user’s intent and preferences.
The software then curates content and endorses actions based on its deep understanding.
We have helped healthcare companies adopt healthcare big data analytics environment. We have provided them with several AI applications like ePrescription, clinical decision support, imaging analytics to security and precision medicine.

Our NLP has answers to your most concerning question - “How can I keep my customers happy?”
Our NLP is based on machine learning. It helps companies understand their consumers’ intent and preferences by transcribing and analyzing customer call recordings.
We also deploy Chatbots and automated virtual agents to provide an immediate response to their queries.

We help you seamlessly connect with your customers precisely with advanced search by using images.
We also help you enrich your content with visual similarity, geolocation, and keyword metadata. Automatically moderate and filter out sensitive visual content from your platform.
We enable our clients to filter user-generated content – nudity, weapons and violence, drugs, hate symbols, and more. Reduce the toll this can have on your workforce.


We understand that artificial intelligence is new and versatile and hence you might be wondering if it can suite your business functions.

The first step towards change is awareness:

We help CXOs and other senior-level executives to expand their knowledge on futuristic AI technologies. Our spearheading AI-based technology enables enterprises to obtain actionable and granular insights from the mammoth-sized unstructured data.

Four Stages of Artificial Intelligence Service Development for Enterprises:

We believe that a typical AI service development should go through four stages of development before becoming useful and viable for a particular customer and a user:

1. Base model development and enrichment
2. Industry/Domain adaptation
3. Customer adaptation
4. User adaptation

Innovation Lab

Our AI Innovation lab enables you to test and dispose proof-of-concept on artificial intelligence applications and progressively expand and scale to production releases.

Our AI team collaborates with your team to rapidly build proofs-of-concepts starting with dissection of a use case and analysis of optimal AI platform

Our AI solutions supports companies build disruptive AI applications. These applications can sense, augment human capabilities and learn from 'big data', finding patterns and designing algorithms to name a few.

We leverage the future-proof deep learning and cognitive computing algorithms which provides sophisticated solutions and streamline operations for businesses.

Case Studies

Chatbot for answering queries related to coursework

  • We implemented a Chatbot using machine learning, deep learning, and NLP techniques. The trained Chatbot is a self-service instance that answers all routine questions about coursework. This frees the professors to focus more on coursework.

Image processing using Deep Learning techniques

  • We deployed an image processing solution to identify defective circuit boards. This was achieved by capturing and comparing images of each circuit board and applying deep learning techniques. Our image processing solution helps the client to reduce manual effort by 72% and identifies defective samples with high accuracy.

NLP methods to analyse unstructured text

  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Processing techniques we developed a prediction model to read and classify the alphabets, words and numbers in an application document to identify the correct handwritten information and automatically route the applications to appropriate departments.

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