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AR/VR @Athena

Right from science fiction stories to finding its application in everyday life, augmented/virtual reality has come a long way. This is an upcoming technology, which holds promise for businesses around the world who are working towards becoming smarter.


AR/VR has nearly exploded on the scene in the wake of the smartphone boom. It can now be applied across various business spectrums. AR can be leveraged to augment classroom learning and training. Students can have advanced learning experience through 3D training video modules.

Why It Matters

A growing number of enterprises, even those outside of gaming and other consumer entertainment subsectors, are testing and adopting AR/VR technologies. The time has arrived for enterprises to begin experimenting with technologies and communication channels to visualize data and instructions overlaying digital assets.

Future with AR/VR

AR/VR will breach the gap between online and physical shops. It will offer a richer experience and personalized promotions delivered right to the wearer. AR/VR will be leveraged for patient education, enabling surgeons to help patients understand surgical procedures and the way medicines work.

AR/VR Capabilities

What We Do

We help both small and big enterprises across different industries to leverage the latest innovations in Big Data, IoT, AR/VR and AI. We guide them to recognize the potential of these rapidly amplifying and converging platforms and visualize the data that superimposes digital assets in the real world in real time.

Right from healthcare to education, we provide AR/VR solutions to help you walk through the smallest details of your operations, and make them more efficient and accurate.

Our AR platform allows you to innovate and enables you with better collaboration, and utmost precision compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

We bring emotion-invoking AR/VR experiences for your customers, and make your brand linger for a very long time.

Expert Services

We offer planning, consulting, and app development services (native, hybrid and HTML-based) across mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Windows Embedded. Our services are backed by our extensive prototyping and in-house testing frameworks.

The future of brand storytelling

AR/VR in Medical Training

Our AR/VR solutions not only enhance medical students' learning experience, but they can also impact enhance patient care through medical training videos. Medical Institutions can partake in our proven platform by recognizing its potential that can benefit students and educators.
Here are some of our medical training modules which we have developed on AR/VR platform

-- video for Neuro Anatomy Navigator --

We have specifically developed this Virtual Reality Prototype for the radiologists and neurologists. This module illustrates the anatomy of a human brain. With the help of a joystick, the user can rotate the model. We have also enabled the user to experience a 360-degree view of the brain tissue that elaborates helps the radiologist to diagnose any neurological disorder say Epilepsy.
The functions of the tool are:

  • Visualize the brain, spinal cord, nervous system. Illustrate the shape, size, position, function areas etc.
  • Highlight the anatomical and physiological properties of the organ with super-imposed visualization of the cranial cavity, circulatory system, blood-brain barrier etc.
  • Navigate inside different parts of the brain to illustrate differences in relative densities of neurons, structures etc.
  • Illustrate organ characteristics in patients suffering from medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury etc.

-- video for Dental Module --

In this video, you can see the prototype dental module. The user can virtually examine the patient's teeth with the help of multi-mirror. Such kind of VR technology enables the dentists with embedded 3D reconstructed jaw anatomy, based on real 3D CT scan data. The same technology is also leveraged for doing the endoscopy virtually.

Dental diseases are perhaps the most common disease that human beings suffer from. A tool that allows dental surgery students to visualize dental conditions and perform virtual surgeries will help them get familiar with typical cases.
The functions of the tool are:

  • Simulate surgical tools and patients of different gender, age
  • Simulate physical characteristics of dental conditions for inspection by simulated surgical tools Extend simulation with magnified visualizations showing microscopic details
  • Simulate systematic surgical process that is required to treat the condition

-- Open video for ECG Simulator --

In this video, you can see the prototype ECG module. This module displays a patient's heart activity accurately and is available in multi-lingual mode. The user can choose the preferred language and can seamlessly do the electrode placement which is actually crucial in real life. This 3D module helps with electrode placements at desired spots that are being highlighted.

An ECG may be requested for a patient experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, and fast or irregular heartbeats (palpitations). ECGs are often performed to monitor the health of patients who have been diagnosed with heart problems, to help assess artificial cardiac pacemakers or to monitor the effects of certain medications on the heart.

-- Video Primary Observation Simulator --

In this video, you can see the prototype lungs module. The users can virtually place the stethoscope on the markings and record the heartbeat and determine lungs activity accordingly.

The most experienced General Practitioners (GPs) are credited with an ability to diagnose a patient just by observation and conversation. Experienced GPs typically recommend diagnostics tests as a confirmation of their hypothesis. Characteristics such as appearance, gait, speech, etc. reveal a lot about the condition of the patient leading to a differential diagnosis.

The Patient Observation simulator mimics a typical patient who comes in for a consultation to the GP.
The functions of the tool are:

  • Simulate patients of Age, Gender, and Geography etc.
  • Simulate externally visible conditions such as obesity, pregnancy, injury etc.
  • Simulate visible conditions such as shortness of breath, cough, ulcers, jaundice-eyes, puss etc.
  • Simulate blood-pressure measurement
  • Simulate temperature measurement


We enable you with the best user experience for mobile augmented reality applications through its avant-garde graphics quality and user-friendly interfaces. This means, the customer gets a life-like product with every minute detail on a printed medium or virtual reality/augmented reality application.

Plan and Organize

Goal : demonstrate the potential of the AR/MR technology in a suitable application scenario by means of a POC or a scalable Prototype

Architect and Deploy

Goal: extend the technology to all applicable and relevant areas with solutions that integrate frontend and backend with the enterprise systems

Industrialized AR

Goal: scale up the proven technological solutions to the different / levels of organization in the company

Innovation Lab

We envisage the augmented reality technology as an efficient remote assistant that can benefit industries with the explicit visualization or in-length field information in real-time. AR, today, is a sure-fire extended reality that can be leveraged upon across any domain. Our extended reality solutions can help project management in construction of any building. With our augmented reality solutions, the site managers will be able to virtually view and monitor work in progress in real time.

We help the site manager integrate the digital map with the camera pointed at the on-site of the construction. This AR-led digital map verifies and confirms the designated location and thus reduces the workload (cumbersome paper layout plans) and downtime of the staff. Our augmented reality solutions also enable the operators with virtual contextual information.

We provide augmented reality solutions for the online training institutions. We help them with their hands-on course that requires a proper demonstration and make their students comprehend their tutoring easily. The online tutors can now engage learners in ways that were never possible before. Each student can have his/her own learning path through innovative immersive simulations, with no time pressure and no real results even if they make mistakes during skills training.

We are seasoned in building AR/VR apps that can seamlessly integrate into your consumer applications, thereby making them more interactive and compelling for the end user. The scopes are endless: retail stores can obtain marketing information of each product; real estate related information can be passed on to mobile devices on the go; travel bloggers and vagabonds can now easily locate nearby points of interest.

Our enhanced augmented reality apps are designed to tag the real world with extra yet relevant data, thus getting a lion's share of the market for $120 billion marketing opportunity. Our advanced AR/VR apps encourage your customers to download, thus making them used to the marketing messages and “gee whiz” functionality.

Case Studies

Multimedia based e-learning platform for a nursing college

  • We developed and deployed an AR/VR based e-learning platform that can simulate different hospital environments like emergency room, operation theatre, recovery room and neighbourhood drive-by and showcase different types of hospital wastes like standard waste and advanced wastes.

ECG Simulator for training student technicians

  • We developed an AR/VR based Electrocardiogram (ECG) simulator in order to facilitate the training of students participating in the ECG Technician Course. The course is useful for students of medicine, allied health, and paramedical domains and also for those who provide home-care to cardiac patients.

Simulated training platform for dentists

  • We developed an AR/VR based learning tool that allows dental surgery students to visualize dental conditions and perform virtual surgeries in order to become familiar with typical cases. The learning platform could simulate physical characteristics of dental conditions for inspection by simulated surgical tools.

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