Blockchain @Athena

At Athena blockchain innovation lab, we leverage the expertise of best blockchain professionals, who come with in-depth know-how on blockchain technologies and platforms. We provide customized solutions based on client's use cases. Engage us and benefit from our dynamic blockchain innovation lab.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain is a highly versatile and efficacious technology of the 21st century. It enables digital information to be stored in a distributed, immutable and cryptographic manner, thereby creating a backbone for a new digital age.

Why It Matters

The potential for blockchain to transform enterprises spans every industry spectrum and application. For an instance, money transfer, inventory tracking, financial settlements and smart contract management can utilize blockchain for productivity.

Future with Blockchain

Industry players determine blockchain’s potential in disrupting operational efficiency and business opportunity. They are adopting distributed ledger databases, consensus algorithms, and public key infrastructure cryptography technology to future-ready their companies.

Blockchain Capabilities

What We Do

We help you navigate your blockchain journey whether you are just getting started or actively moving into production.

We take end-to-end responsibility

We have taken up projects, in which we have successfully integrated live and in-process blockchain applications. You can rely on our unparalleled blockchain industry expertise to unlock trapped value of your business grade.

Blockchain Incubation

We help you analyse technology and prepare you on trends in the blockchain space including Ethereum, Hyperledger and other platforms.

We will leverage our domain expertise in financial services, life sciences, healthcare and education to help identify and validate use cases.

We assess your requirements and recommend a platform that fits you the most.

Just like any product development process, we kick-start our blockchain PoC with a proven strategy. We help you set this blueprint in motion with what we call Athena's Blockchain Workshop.

You can explore use cases and understand our blockchain strategies that make sense for your business in our 1-2 day workshops. You can ask a series of questions to identify how your business requisites can be met with blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Expert Services

Our blockchain services combine strong proficiency in platform integration with digital transformation services to provide value added services.

We will work with you at all levels – from architecture to implementation

Consulting and advisory services:

Our varied range of consulting and advisory services includes security diligence and testing services to business model analysis and software development.

Development Services:

We design, develop and implement blockchain applications that compliment your businesses.

Integration with enterprise applications:

We integrate tailor-made blockchain applications with existing applications.


We understand that the blockchain technology is new and versatile and hence you might be wondering if it can suite your business functions.

We take end-to-end responsibility and collaborate with you and customize the solutions which meet your business requirements.

Innovation Lab

Our blockchain innovation lab is your playground. We enable you to test proof-of-concept of blockchain solutions and progressively expand and to scale to production releases.

Our blockchain team collaborates with your team to rapidly build proofs-of-concepts starting with dissection of a use case and analysis of optimal blockchain platform

Our blockchain experts passionately come forward to educate you on the potential of blockchain. They teach you how to become the early adopters by realizing the potential of blockchain for today and tomorrow.

We enable you with an auto-provision configurable blockchain network in cloud environments. We allow you to debate, analyze and shortlist use cases to be enhanced in our blockchain lab. We offer pilot projects that can disrupt the business value and technology impact.

Case Studies

Blockchain for Contract Management

  • We developed the Blockchain platform to render faster recoup of contract data for dispute resolution and error-free auditing, with high-end execution.

Blockchain for Supply Chain

  • We implemented the Blockchain platform to help participants store cost, date, location, quality, certification, and other crucial data in order to effectively manage the supply chain.

Blockchain for Credit Score

  • We enabled client to take complete control of their customer's credit score through our Blockchain based credit scoring solution.

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