Be it marketing, customer support or e-commerce, we believe Chatbots will strengthen customer interactions. We deliver this upcoming technology, which holds promise for businesses working towards getting smarter around the world.

Why Chatbots

Consumer behaviour has been changing constantly. They expect an instant reply to queries. Conversational AI integrated with messaging platforms evolve as a “Chatbot”. It establishes an effective customer interaction and plays a critical role in marketing. Chatbots scale up business operations with enhanced social presence.

Why It Matters

According to a research, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020. Businesses adapt this human-like conversational interface to deliver benefits like 24/7 customer care, personalization, faster resolution, and instant response to their customers.

Future with Chatbots

Chatbots will help consumers find solutions irrespective of device, time, and location. A survey stated that in 2018, almost one-third of the 3.5 billion searches every day were voice-based on Google every day. Hence the future of consumer service will switch to numerous chatbots and voice-controlled assistants.

Chatbot Capabilities

What We Do

We help both small and big enterprises across different sectors to leverage the latest innovations in conversational AI. We guide them to recognize the potential of Chatbots in marketing, sales channels and customer care in real-time. We help enterprises employ a Chatbot to interact with the customer base like never before.

We create a flow of natural conversations, which can guide users in finding a suitable offering or respond to an issue instantly. We train our live software agents to get smarter, faster, and user-friendly using AI and NLP.

Based on enterprises’ requirements and functionalities we design Chatbots that can collect user data, store information and manage customer queries through simple conversations. Companies can integrate our Chatbots with websites or applications to leverage marketing automation.

We deploy personalized Chatbots within the organizational environment. Our AI Chatbots can collect data in multiple ways including customer interactions and uses the same to maintain the context of the conversation to respond with the most appropriate solution.

Expert Services

We take the end-to-end responsibility of a full cycle of Chabot’s development. Our Chatbot services help enterprises reduce their customer support costs and time, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Service Chatbot:

Service Chatbots guide customers in performing a task by asking relevant information during a conversation.

Assistant Chatbot:

They utilize AI and NLP to map user input to context. We provide advanced self-taught Chatbots that learn from their past conversations.

Social messaging Chatbot:

We integrate Chatbots with social messaging apps to enable easy, faster and direct interactions between business and its customer base.


We ensure the best Chatbot user experience with our advanced features and user-friendly interface. We design and deploy Chatbots that bring real value to companies and their customers.

Innovation Lab

At Athena, we believe that Chatbots give the best opportunity to businesses in being available to customers where they communicate frequently. Once a Chatbot is deployed, its conversational flow needs to be modified or cross-linked over the time. Hence, at our Chatbot innovation lab, we thrive to optimize the flow so that all the stakeholders can take advantage of this dominant capability. We collaborate with companies to understand data derived from their Chatbot interactions, to carry more intelligent and relevant conversations.

Case Studies

IT helpdesk Chatbot

  • We analyzed all the activities of the IT helpdesk of a leading MNC and designed a conversation flow and deployed an IT helpdesk Chatbot which assists users with ticket request/ status, troubleshooting, software licensing, login issues, software updates, and network connectivity. We facilitated its staff and IT team with fast access to the tools and information.

Customer support Chatbot

  • Utilizing AI, we automated conversations between a global leading bank and its customers. We have integrated the Chatbot into client’s website, Facebook messenger and Slack to enable faster, easier and 24/7 accessible real-time interactions on any device. We leveraged the advanced conversational AI in helping our client achieve increased customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Travel Chatbot

  • We designed and deployed a Chatbot for an online travel company. It is designed to assist travelers with multiple tasks including reservations and bookings, logistics, deals and packages, in-travel services etc. Using AI and NLP this self-learning chatbot responds conceptually to its users. This travel bot helps users to save time in organizing trips ensuring enriched customer experience.

Embrace the full power of Voicebots with Voice interface at Athena. It gives enterprises the ability to offer exclusive service to customers. We bring the most out of a natural and efficient way of communication known to mankind.

Why Voicebots

Voice technology is definitely a new frontier in automation. Voicebots make it easier to finish tedious and repetitive tasks which involve customer interaction. It creates a more connected and convenient world and brings a level of personalization where the digital world meets the physical world to solve real-world problems.

Why It Matters

Voicebots serve companies to increase their profits, enhance customer experience and personalize interactions. Voice technology can be integrated with various services and delivery channels. Voicebots act as personal assistants and can perform simple tasks like making phone calls, read messages, or setting alarms and reminders.

Future with Voicebots

According to a survey conducted on IT and business decision-makers in the U.S., France, Germany and the U.K., 28% of the companies are already using voice technology to interact with customers, 84% are expected to be using it by the next year and 94% will be using it in the next two years. Enterprises are adopting voice AI technologies to enable focussed customer interactions.

Voicebot Capabilities

What We Do

We believe that voice is still the primary channel for customer interactions, and where complex interactions can be focused. We encourage organizations to choose this way to nail the customer experience through voice technology. We help businesses to add voice to their applications to achieve greater results.

We generate user persona, anticipate various utterances by each persona and classify them into several intents. We also pay attention to details which enrich customer experiences like custom voices and contextual integrations.

We develop an NLU model that handles user queries based on the context and intent classification. .

We ensure smooth deployment on cloud infrastructure and provide post development support. We help you unlock new features and enhance existing features.

We develop microservices and required APIs to execute tasks. We also help you integrate with CMSs, ERPs, and other dashboards for delivering contextual customer experience.

Expert Services

We provide a range of exclusive services to our clients from diverse industries including education, healthcare, banking, and finance. We help enterprises build custom NLP applications on platforms like Alexa, Google home or other smart voice assistants. Utilize our voice interface to improve penetration into the market.


Recent advancements in NLP and AI pave a way for innovation like voice assistants. We help organizations embrace the power of a new trend in customer interaction. Acquire conversational competence with our sophisticated methodology. Engage customers with our uncompromised user experience(UX) and natural conversation.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI capabilities and NLP techniques help organizations in carrying out contextual responses to the customers in human language.

Voice UI

Help customers become interactive and know your brand through effective conversations.

Improved Reach

Reach customers in any channel including website, SMS, e-mails, mobile, social media etc.

No-code deployment

Deploy powerful Voicebots without programming that delight customers.

Innovation Lab

At Athena, we believe that AI-powered Voicebots can make customer interactions exciting and convenient. Our well-defined team of conversation scientists and VUI designers collaborate to create a new approach to enhance UX using natural language interfaces. Our Innovation lab works to develop a natural language framework, which enables a user experience that is more conversational.

Case Studies

Personal assistant for apartments

  • US-based IOT company collaborated with us to build a personal assistant for emergency help to elders staying in apartments. The assistant notifies the primary contact through a call, an SMS or any other integration. If the primary contact fails to acknowledge such alerts, secondary contact receives the alerts and finally alerts the local help center upon no response from contacts.

Voice-enabled mobile app

  • Utilizing our voice technology we created a mobile app through which customers can place an order without calling restaurant waiters. Any company in the hospitality segment can make the most out of this Voicebot. The app works on iOS as well as Android and integrated to administrator dashboards which makes it easier to reach customers expectation.

Voice mail player

  • We deployed an Alexa Skills that can play back the voice mail of a user when asked. We built a live streaming radio platform skills that can onboard radio stations and get access to Media Creek’s distribution of Alexa users. This dynamic solution through a Voicebot with enriched VUI ensures delighted customer experience.

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