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IoT-enabled devices will soon touch every aspect of our physical lives. Whatever your business is and whichever customers you serve, the key to success in this fast evolving digital era is getting your business digital ready, whilst getting your strategy fit to market that connects you with the physical world.

Why IoT

IoT revolutionizes the way humans interact with the world around. IoT systems comprise of sensors, actuators, electronics and software connected by networks, control interactions between machines and living things. This game changing technology promotes data-driven decision making among enterprises.

Why It Matters

A disruptive level of digital transformation can be attained through apt IoT business models. IoT systems can help businesses manage inventory thereby improving productivity. This technology changes the perception of data by helping businesses interpret trends and outcomes for growth.

Future with IoT

Marketers develop new ways of interactions with customers based on elevated use of smart wearables. According to Gartner, consumer applications will drive the number of connected things, IoT adoption is growing, with manufacturing and utilities estimated to have the largest installed base of Things by 2020.

IoT Capabilities

What We Do

Our IoT solutions fit almost everything, right from tracking the traffic density to supervising office temperature, crop moisture levels, and patient's vital signs.

Every entity has different requirements and we provide customized roadmap for digital transformation. Our team helps businesses leverage the real-time opportunities through guidance right from brainstorming ideas till navigating complexities.

Our advanced IoT devices will help supervise the aspects of business processes, help track operations remotely and gather Big Data.

Leverage our disruptive IoT platforms for stock monitoring to save time and cost involved. We also provide businesses with significant insights into customer behavior and more.

Security is a key element in Internet of Things. We help you safeguard your network from threats with our IoT solutions like anti-intrusion software, access management and diversified device protection.

Expert Services

Our IoT infrastructure reduces risk and optimizes commercial opportunities by launching innovative solutions focused on the future of Internet.

By integrating our expertise and best of the breed industry components, we ensure a single point of liability

We provide an end-to-end service for a range of verticals including seamless cross-border functionality, virtualized network in the cloud and multiple mobile networks etc.

We provide IoT/M2M solutions that safeguard our clients to reduce their operational cost by expediting proactive servicing of assets. With the use of smart sensors, powerful cameras and advanced data analytics, we enable the enterprises to predict equipment failure.

These AI models are based on a specified algorithm that exhibits the correlation between the values in the training data. We use these ML models to evaluate new data from the machine in near real-time and ensure entities get alerted about the predictive failure.

We extend our IoT services to the supply chain companies and help them control the external environment and improve decisions. We help them integrate sensor-embedded factory equipment. It is capable of automating the equipment settings and process workflow to enhance performance apart from monitoring temperature and utilization of a machine.

Our IoT use case in supply chain also includes transit visibility. We offer you a platform where you can avail a cloud-based GPS and the latest Radio Frequency Identification technology to obtain data on identity, location and other tracking information.

Our IoT solutions help enterprises manage their assets, whilst preventing equipment failures. We combine the real-time data with the business context data so as to reduce downtime and robustly enhance productivity, asset utilization and efficiency. Since all of the available data is not equally valuable, so we help our clients in determining the right data in the right context.

If you’re seeking for asset management solutions, we could be your ultimate partner as we have the relevant life cycle analysis tools. They squeeze the maximum value out of your assets, the avant-garde IoT and machine learning experts and years of experience to connect your entire data inventory at scale. We combine use cases and analytics to find the maximum business value and ROI for your enterprise.


Our substantial approach is set-up around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem. It gives rise to an asset value chain which is structured from connected devices, data, process and people.

Brainstorm with your team by leveraging our hands-on IoT workshop kit to ideate and validate solutions for your enterprise.

Based on our experiences and challenges, we develope 12 best practices to address while planning and implementing an IoT solution. These include -

  • Determine the process to be monitored
  • Acquire stakeholder agreement and funding
  • Classify the senor data
  • Design the network infrastructure
  • Secure the IoT devices and data
  • Review environmental conditions
  • Define space and electrical power needs
  • Align with corporate data governance policies
  • Design for scalability
  • Integrate and manage the IoT devices
  • Establish a supportive model
  • Plan the resources

Innovation Lab

At our IoT Innovation Lab we provide hands-on exposure and let you inspire from the real world examples. We help you explore the business value of our comprehensive enterprise IoT portfolio.

Leverage the futuristic Internet by real life testing in challenging contexts

Our IoT lab provides a ground to collaborate with Athena's advanced IoT technology solutions. Discover how we deliver targeted IoT business solutions to best meet your unique requirements. We help you -

  • Test your sensors in demanding environments
  • Get access to a cloud sensor platform with services
  • Get access to a platform with personalized mobile application possibilities
  • Experiment on the IoT testbed

Case Studies

Predicting vehicle breakdowns using an IoT platform

  • We developed smart devices to capture live streaming data of automotive components, thereby making live vehicle health monitoring possible. We also developed Mobile app to gauge the performance of the vehicle. A vehicle breakdown prediction model was built to predict critical vehicle component failure.

Wearables technology platform for monitoring patient health

  • We developed a wearables technology platform through which patients can monitor their health parameters remotely from their comfort. The platform also triggers health alerts via mobile notifications when the parameters are above or below a certain threshold.

Predictive maintenance using IOT

  • Using sensors, cameras and data analytics, we built a model to determine when a piece of equipment is likely to fail. The IoT-enabled systems can identify warning signs, use data to create maintenance timelines and pre-emptively service equipment before problems occur.

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