Reimagine and transform your businesses with ServiceNow solutions

Transform your business with digital IT workflows. Modernize your operations to optimize productivity, cost, and resilience with a single platform for IT. Workflows turn IT into an engine for growth. Seize the upside of operational resilience and raise employee agility. Synergize IT, risk management, and security operations on a single platform. Deliver modern, resilient services aligned to customer-centric priorities.

Optimize IT service operations

Create a modern, compelling IT service experience. Run secure, automated digital operations to predict and prevent issues, increase productivity, and deliver scalable services.

Align investments to priorities

Maximize the value of your initiatives. Manage investments across the enterprise by planning, prioritizing, and tracking work aligned with your objectives.

Manage risk, security, and cost

Automate workflows across IT to manage risk and resilience in real time and reduce your hardware, software, and cloud costs.

How can Athena help you in this transformation process?


As a registered partner, we can provide a range of services off the ServiceNow platform starting from business analysis to solution implementation through IT consulting, solution design, development and deployment. ServiceNow will work with us closely at every stage of the deal cycle, from conception to implementation.

Why us?


We are an IT solutions and software application development services company with twenty plus years of experience through evolving technologies and practices in the industry. So, we can bring all this experience along with ServiceNow capabilities to offer innovative digital transformation services to our customers.

Digital Solutions transforming business process management

About Athena Global Technologies

Solution Capabilities


  • Pre-defined objects and workflows that just need configuration with Low-code / No-code.
  • SaaS based solutions with web architecture and mobile clients.
  • One stop shop for all IT service and customer service management across enterprises.
  • Features to capture incidents through omni channel interfaces including emails and chats.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants enhancing the response to customer queries.
  • Mobile apps for users to access on the go
  • Reports and analytics.

Benefits to Business


  • Systems of engagement could be built on top of existing systems of record without any disruption to them.
  • Rapid development of applications due to ready made architecture and reduced cost of maintenance due to Low-code / No-code.
  • Accessible to users anywhere and convenience to pay for licenses as you go.
  • Seamless workflow and automation across the enterprise with 360-degree view of customers.
  • Realtime visibility of the data and notifications helping proactive actions and better business decisions.
  • Reduced manual processes thus reducing human errors.
  • Reduced time in resolving incidents and service requests with rule based allocation to agents and AI assisted decision-making.
  • Seamless access to customers from anywhere and any device