Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Product engineering services

We help you build future-proof products with our powerful product engineering capabilities

We help software product companies to become more adaptable and responsive to challenges and changing market with our progressive product engineering solutions.

With our international delivery model, we provide our clients a scalable customer-oriented engagement blueprint to boost performance and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) using our high-end tools to obtain high clarity and performance.

We, in our outstanding journey of software development, have become a partner of choice for many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). With product development life-cycles, being highly changeable and time-to-market increasingly becoming shorter, mechanisms like agile development and iterative models have become essential components in product engineering services at Athena.
Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise Platforms

While software product companies are constantly struggling with the ‘build or buy’ decision, their judgment is even made more complex by the constant pressure of integrating advanced models such as cloud or SaaS. Our business-specific platform reduces both time and cost and improves agility and solutions.

Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

We are committed towards helping our clients reach their end consumers. We closely work with retailers, media, and executors and deliver the next-gen solutions. Our approach is always supported by a strong fortitude of solutions carved out of enhanced reality, mobility and loyalty management.



Our SDDC model eliminates the requirement of purchasing of hardware, forcing employees to acquire related skills to manage physical machines. Our SDDCs not only eliminate the necessity of endpoint technologies but also simplify the business operations.

Industrial solutions


Our team focuses on product development services for industrial monitoring, control, and automation products across all layers of industrial automation. We offer scalable customer-oriented business models to reduce cost and time with the help of our world-class tools and processes for increased clarity and performance.


  • Greater bandwidth to simultaneously develop multiple versions of products
  • Provide greater functionality at tighter deadlines
  • Shorter release cycles and faster products-to-market advantage
  • Increased scale and capacity to focus while launching new products
  • Extending products to new technology platforms
  • Establishing dedicated offshore development teams and enabling our clients to focus on their core business
  • Provide complete control and transparency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced product development costs through offshore development