QA & Testing

QA & Testing

QA & Testing

Confirm that your software meets and exceeds your customer’s expectations with our QA & Testing services

Our dedicated team of professionals brings down testing and quality assurance costs while providing the best possible software testing services.

Our test engineers debug programs to optimise end-user experience.

We test every transaction optimally, ensuring that business applications have near zero defects. Our QA testing services include test planning, integrated testing, test cases and development processes, test script creation and execution to name a few.

We collaborate with client product teams, for faster implementation, to rectify abnormalities and to provide seamless customer experience.
Automation Testing

QA using ML

Machine learning allows AI to provide systems the ability to learn without human intervention or programming. Such systems mine data, run tests improves the testing cycle.

Machine learning tools derive patterns from data available and analyses huge amounts of data. QA uses ML to deliver accurate results faster and provides effective ways to test various solutions.

eCommerce Testing

Quality Implementation and Audits

Company’s Quality management includes all the activities involved in overall management functions that determine the quality policy, objectives, responsibilities and implementation.

Our QA services let enterprises monitor and audit processes implemented in a defined time intervals to understand the productivity.

Functional Testing

Testing Metrics

Our testing cycles include test environment deployment, feature testing, regression testing, preproduction deployment, performance testing and product deployment. We follow certain metrics that help measure the testing process, they include:

  • Test execution Coverage %
  • Requirement Coverage %
  • Test Execution status %
  • Defect Detection %
  • Defect leakage %
  • Latest tools & frameworks and test against storms
Functional Testing

Testing Services

We help enterprises launch products and services faster. Assume scalable and reliable integrations with our software testing capabilities. We add value to enterprises with our services across various domains.

  • Automation Testing
  • E-commerce Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Security Testing